To leave sleep over.

The one, the many.

The load, work or otherwise.

The make, the unmade, the reason for a pre-fab house.

want, make, psalms, Bible, belief, faith, the broken.

Psalms 23:1-6.

I shall not want.Mountain hikes are a great way to bond with colleagues.


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Definition of write. To form (characters, symbols, etc.) on a surface with an instrument (such as a pen)  To set down to writing.  To express in literary form.  To communicate by letter.  To use or exhibit.  To write contracts or orders for-underwrite.

Rite of passage.

Definition of rite:  a formal or ceremonial act or procedure prescribed or customary in religious or other solemn use. #legal#illegal#popular#acceptance#proper usage of

By rite.

Right or wrong.

Definition of right:  morally good, justified or acceptable, true or correct as a fact, on, toward or relating to the side of a human body or of a thing that is to the east when the person or thing is facing north.  Complete; absolute.#microsoft#define#dictionary

To the right…a la derecha…




#rite#law#legal#illegal#by rote#by definition#text#written word

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Joshua Wilkey: Blessed are the White Trash

Source: Joshua Wilkey: Blessed are the White Trash

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IMG_0147.JPGBegotten not made.

The maker, unveiled and the reason for discourse in nature, mind, body

and soul.

But far be from me to speak for anyone but myself.

A pass through, a patronage, a reason to buy or sell.

The Nicene Creed.

The original Nicene Creed was adopted at the First Council of

Nicaea in 325.

Christianity, nicene creed, Lutheran doctrine, Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Anglican.



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  • An unfilled space within a mass; especially: a hollowed-out space.
  • An area of decay in a tooth: caries.

Origin and etymology of cavity. Medical French cavity from the late

Latin cavities, from Latin cavus.

First known use is 1541.

Synonyms: hole, concavity, dent, depression, dint, hollow, indentation,

indenture, pit, recess.


The orthodontist.



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The doctor.

What they will not tell you.

The code, credence, believe, faithfulness, all the triggers

of a good day ahead.

Why know everything when every thing could be better?

A lesson of more or less.

Off to the seminary.Featured Image -- 30


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: greetings from the land of lincoln :

A President Obama bill, in the making.⛪️

the whirly girl

Hi. We’re closed today. Tomorrow, too, since the big event falls on a Sunday this year.

We don’t have much to celebrate in these parts, but we’ve got
Lincoln and it’s his birthday. So step aside, buster, it’s party time. We’re good at partying. It’s the billions in debt, high
unemployment, fleeing businesses. and towering tax rates that have us stymied. Budgets, too, we just can’t seem to getcoin-purse a handle on those. People have actually suggested
Illinois is the worst-governed state in the land.

How dare they!

Don’t they realize this is the Land of Lincoln? Lincoln, the most revered President in all of history. He lived here. Not there where you are. Here. Illinois. We aren’t accustomed to sending politicians off to be President of these United States. We’re more familiar with sending them to prison. Four of the last nine governors, in fact, have done, or are…

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